Preparation is probably the most important aspect of decorating work. In construction, it is crucial that a solid foundation is built to ensure the stability of the structure that will eventually stand on it. The same principle can be applied to painting and decorating, as insufficient preparation makes it impossible to achieve successful results.

As important as it is to adequately prepare surfaces, we know that it can be time-consuming. Homeowners often struggle to find the time to redecorate, which can lead to the preparation stage being rushed or skipped altogether, inevitably producing low quality results. By using a professional firm of decorators you can be sure of smooth and flawless results that will last.

Our process is thorough and we ensure every step is taken to offer great value for money and flawless finishes. We sand every surface before every coat of paint is applied. Typically, large amounts of dust are produced during this process, meaning that dust sheets need to be placed over everything in the property. However, this is not always effective. To combat this problem, we use specialist sanders connected to dust extraction systems. No more than 1% of dust is allowed to pass through the filtration system, so your furniture, floors and personal items will be kept clean and free from that frustrating film of dust that decorating often produces. Along with our preparation work, we always complete every task with a thorough clean up and vacuum of your property.

As leading providers of decorating in Cambridge, we are relied on by our customer base to consistently deliver outstanding and long lasting results. Our trusted team take a dynamic approach to every job, producing outstanding results every time. If you need affordable and high quality domestic decorating services give us a call. We offer our customers helpful advice and assistance when choosing materials and colours and we ensure a mess free and beautiful finish.