White paint can be used to create bright, airy, versatile and fresh interiors. It is a favourite of architects and interior designers for the amazing benefits it can offer and how well it creates contrasts with a wide array of materials. This allows the creation of truly stunning interiors.

The tricky thing about using white paint is deciding what shade to use. Surprisingly there are thousands of different whites to choose from, including those with hints of a range colours. There are so many options, so you will need to narrow down the choices before making the final decision.
The thing you will quickly notice when working with white is that you can select a shade and use it in two rooms only to find that it looks different in each one. This occurs because of the differences in lighting. Before choosing a paint you should look at how well lit each room is. You can then use this knowledge to determine what shade to go with.
The first thing you should do when looking at the lighting is determine how the room is orientated towards the sun. Those rooms facing it (south facing ones in the UK) will need to use a cooler shade of white, perhaps one with slightly more gray tones. This will help to reduce glare and keep the room pleasant. North facing rooms need a slightly warmer, brighter white to compensate for the reduction in natural light. Whites with warmer tones of brown or yellow are preferred.
We focus on professional decorating in Cambridge and are accomplished at using white effectively on all kinds of interiors. We can help clients to choose the perfect shade for each space, offering advice on how they can make the room feel bright, airy and spacious by selecting the right colour. On top of this we can carry out the decorating, ensuring that we work to the very highest standards.
If you would like advice or want to arrange a professional service from talented decorators in your area please contact us. We love working closely with our clients and helping them to make the perfect decisions for their interiors.