Getting the Room Ready

If you have hired a decorator to come and paint your property then you may be wondering how to prepare area for the job. There are some simple things that you can do which will help speed things up.

You should already have agreed with your decorator what they will actually be doing so you may not have to get everything done yourself, such as preparing the walls, moving furniture if that has already been discussed and included in your quote.


The best place to start is by cleaning the area thoroughly, Start by vacuuming everywhere to get rid of as much dust cot and cobwebs as possible throughout the house,  make sure to hoover off all woodwork such as windows doors and skirting boards.  these must be completely clean and may need wiping down as well to make sure that not only dust is removed but there is no grease or dirt.

Don’t forget about removing curtains or nets, again if you have blinds they will need to be clean and free from dust and dirt.


You will need to take down any pictures photos or artwork that are upon the walls,  leave the hooks in if you will be replaced back on the walls when the decorator has finished.  if you were not putting them back up,  it’s a good idea to discuss this with your decorator as the nails or hooks will need to be removed and any holes left will need filling.

Moving furniture

In an ideal World a room that is going to be decorated will be empty of all furniture,  but that is not always necessary so it is best to try and put all furniture you got in a different room or pushed to the middle of the room so that every wall will have easy access for the decorator.

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