Painting the exterior of your building will not only freshen it up and make it look great, it can also provide additional protection for the building materials. A new layer of paint will boost weatherproofing and reduce wear on timber, metals, brick and masonry, keeping your home or business looking better for longer. However, painting the outside of a building will naturally be a little more difficult than painting an interior.

In order to achieve an excellent finish, painting should be done during appropriate weather conditions. Avoid painting when direct sunlight is shining on the surface as this will cause the paint to dry too quickly, potentially resulting in peeling and blistering rather than the smooth, flawless finish you want. Similarly, it is best not to start painting if there is any chance of rain because it may cause the paint to run. Windy days can be problematic because the winds will pick up dirt which can find its way to the painted surface and create flaws in the final colour and texture.

Dry, warm days will give paint the chance to settle and ensure that your paint offers optimal weatherproofing as well as looking its very best. Besides the weather conditions, a suitable painting technique is also important to avoid lap and brush marks, drips and runs.

The best way to avoid common painting mistakes and ensure your property looks its very best is to hire a specialist with plenty of experience working on exteriors. We are a team of decorators based in Cambridge with the skills to achieve perfect results on the exterior and interior of your property. We can take on commercial or residential projects and always carefully prepare, using the most suitable materials to ensure the outside of your property looks fantastic. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to leave the building looking pristine and with the highest level of weather protection.