The possibilities when it comes to decorating your home are practically endless. You want to make sure the process is carried out correctly and efficiently and so a professional service is the best option. At Prime Finish Cambridge we have an experienced team with the skills necessary to turn your property into the one that stands out from the crowd. You can always rely on us for your decorating needs.
The wallpapers that are available today offer richer designs and colours than those seen before, meaning your dream decor can be made into a reality. The key to putting up wallpaper successfully is excellent planning, especially if your home is subject to humidity. Living in a humid climate does not prevent the use of wallpaper, as long as the correct preparations and application techniques are utilised. Using specific wallpapers is also something you may wish to consider.

Bathrooms in particular can be tricky places to put wallpaper in due to their high humidity levels. It’s rare to see wallpapered bathrooms, but it is exactly this reason why the design choice is so unique and can help you to stand out. The Victorians utilised it for their bathrooms, but they didn’t take very long when they showered compared to today.

The wallpapers that aren’t designed for bathroom use won’t cope well with the moisture and will start to peel over time. Modern bathrooms are fitted with fans and windows but they can only do so much when it comes to moisture. Fortunately, specific types of wallpaper are available that can successfully cope with the conditions. The ones that you are looking for are the types with vinyl coating which can deflect water.

Paper hanging can seem like a daunting task for some but fortunately, our team has the abilities to make the job a much smoother process. Our decorators can evaluate the wall and paper in order to adequately prepare for the task to ensure an exquisite finish. Ultimately you will receive a first rate decorating service and be left with a room you can be proud of.