Decorating A nurseryIt can seem difficult to make the most of small bedrooms because of the lack of floor space. Below are some handy tips that can help you to make the most of even the tiniest box room and transform it into a comfortable, useful space.

One of the biggest concerns with smaller rooms is furnishings. A good option is to choose furniture with sliding doors or fabric panels rather than hinged doors, if possible. Using either of these options frees up space because you no longer need to leave room for wardrobe or cupboard doors to be opened. You may want to minimise the number of furnishings and consider wall shelving rather than a bookcase which will take up floor space.

An adjustable light fitting is a great idea and will save you from having to use bedside lamps. Lighting such small rooms should be simple but getting the focus on the part of the room you want can be difficult. An adjustable fixture offers the simplest solution.

Do away with headboards by choosing a panel of wallpaper to create the illusion of one. This will save valuable space and will let you keep the bed tight to the wall. It also lets you add an extra dimension to the decoration.

Bookshelves that hang from the ceiling are a great alternative to shelving and bulky bookcases. They make use of previously wasted wall spaces and also give emphasis to the height of the room.

Bunk beds are one of the most popular choices for smaller rooms, especially if you choose those that come with storage. Some models even come with a desk so you don’t need to use space in the rest of the room. If you want something a little different you can build a mini sleeping loft and use the space beneath however you please.

Like with all small spaces using bright colours and having the right amount of lighting can help to make the room feel larger. Avoid cluttering wherever possible and make sure you bring attention to floor space by choosing at the attractive carpet. With careful planning, you can transform those tiny bedrooms into functional, comfortable rooms. We can help you with all your needs for decorating in Cambridge by producing the most beautiful finish on every room in your house, so just get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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