Painting The Outside of Your Home

Is the exterior of your home letting you down, is your paint looking dirty or weathered? Then you may be considering painting the outside of your house,  we have put together a few pointers that should help you when deciding if you want to paint yourself or hire a decorator,  keep in mind that painting the exterior of a house is not easy and in most cases hiring a professional is highly recommended.

Cleaning the exterior

Before you pick up your paintbrush and start applying the paint you will save yourself a ton of time and money by prepping the walls properly before you start to paint.

The very first job will be to hose down the house, over the years the walls will have gathered dirt, dust, especially if you are near main roads. You will also have plant pollen, sap, mould and a host of other general grime. You can use a jet wash in order to speed up the process if your walls are extremely dirty.

Prepping The Exterior

By completely cleaning away the dirt you will be able to see exactly what you are dealing with in terms of cracks and any problem areas that will need attention.

Flaking paint needs to be taken off and sanded down,  any hollow rendering needs to be filled and sanded,  wooden sils need to be checked for any rotten wood,  any missing window putty needs to be replaced.  once all this is done and dry it will be ready for painting.

Choosing the correct paint

choosing the correct type of paint for your particular wall type is essential If you want your paint job to last more than a few months,  it’s best to do some research for buying your paints,  you may need a primer or latex topcoat,  then there are several different types of exterior paint from masonry, textured and smooth finishes.  may want to consider the colour as well,  picking a bright white will be very unforgiving to dirt plus will give a terrible glare in bright sunshine,  also take into account your neighbour’s property especially if they are joined.

Check  the weather

The last tip will be to check the weather forecast before starting any exterior paint job, you will need at least two days of dry weather to make sure your paint will dry and not run therefore ruining your efforts.b

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