If you want to keep your home or business looking its very best, it’s important to keep the wooden features in your property such as skirting boards, door frames, windowsills and banisters looking fresh. Whether you’re decorating the whole room to give it a new look, or just touching up areas in need of a bit of attention, you need to take care of these timbers if you want the finish to be the best it can be. Here are some tips to help with repainting them.

1) Dealing with gloss

Traditionally, many of the timbers in a property would be painted with gloss to give them a high sheen. However, lower-sheen finishes are now more fashionable. If the wooden features in your home have been glossed you’ll need to remove this before you can repaint them as the new paint will struggle to adhere to the glossy surface. You should sand off all of the old paint before adding an undercoat to prime the wood.

2) Painting bare wood

When you paint bare timber, you need to account for any knots, otherwise you could find the resin seeping through and damaging the finish. You should use a knotting solution to treat the wood before painting. Some products combine this with undercoat so you only need to use one product rather than two.

3) Avoiding solvent based paints

Over time, solvent based paint will discolour and start to look shabby. The last thing you want is to find all of your formerly white timbers are starting to turn yellow. This sort of paint is known to take a long time to dry, especially during cold weather. As a result, it is common to see drips and runs in the finished paintwork rather than a smooth finish. It is also difficult to clean up any spills.

4) Relying on water based wood paint

These paints won’t discolour over time and dry much faster than solvent based paints. The only downside is that they tend to require more coats, especially when you use white as it will take time to build up the colour. The fact that they dry quickly means you will still be able to complete the job in a day but you will need to do a little more work to achieve the results you want. Luckily it gets easier and easier the more coats you do.

5) Matching colours

Multi-surface water based paints are really good if you want to easily match colours. They are designed to be used on walls, timbers, ceilings and even metals so you don’t need to worry about buying different products and matching colours. This will save you time and can even result in cost savings too.

If you need help with any aspect of decorating your home or business premises, particularly when it involves painting timbers, we would be happy to help. Our professional decorators in Cambridge provide a comprehensive service and will work hard to deliver the highest standards at all times.