Neutral colours, such as creams, pale greys and beiges, have long been popular choices when it comes to interior decor. Soft, muted colours generate a sense of spaciousness and don’t compete with artwork, furnishings and home accessories, creating a canvas for homeowners to express themselves. However, this doesn’t mean you should always avoid using distinct, bolder or brighter colours in your decor. The most important factor is to have colours which make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy in your own home.

While paler shades are great for creating a sense of light and space, it could be the case that, for you, a brighter or deeper colour gives you a different experience than you associate with a neutral shade. Rich reds, deep blues and luxurious purples can give a real sense of warmth and cosiness which is ideal for a winter living space or for making a bedroom into a decadent retreat. Bright yellows and greens bring freshness and inspiration to a space, making them popular in sociable rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms.

While we would always be happy to discuss and suggest shades and colours for your interior decorating, our view is that ultimately the decision must come from you. Whatever kind of look and atmosphere you are trying to create, whether you want a space that’s cosy and relaxing or that inspires you to be creative, we will always provide a professional service and achieve results that reflect what you want to see and experience in your own home.

Neutral colours are popular for a reason, but when you’re considering a change to your interior decor and colour scheme, the sky is the limit and by branching out from the most obvious colour choices you can enjoy some stunning results. We are always happy to discuss ideas with you from this starting point and make suggestions for the perfect colour scheme. If you’d like to learn more about our Cambridge decorating service, don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more about what we can do for you.