Freshening up your home in spring can be as simple as having a clear out and cleaning up, but you may wish to take it a step further and give the place a whole new look with some decorating. This will allow you to completely refresh and reinvigorate your home. Choosing a new colour scheme is a lot of fun and there are many different options for you to explore. You should try sampling various shades so you can ensure you choose the perfect ones.

This spring, pastel colours are particularly popular and give you a chance to put your own unique spin on rooms. The muted colours of pastels look great in most situations, but you need to be a little bit careful when using them. The most important thing to remember is the lighting. In darker conditions each colour will look soft, but when in direct light they will brighten up. You should also consider the positioning of the windows because this will dictate the colour of the light entering the property.

When selecting a shade you should try to avoid colours prefixed by “baby” unless you are using them in a child’s bedroom. In a public area they will struggle to give you the mature look you want because they are naturally brighter and more saturated. Try opting for a variation on the shade that has a little more grey in it instead. Shopping around for shades is a very good idea, but remember to take into account that the paint will look different on your walls than it does on the swatch and tin. Getting some samples first is always wise.

When it comes to pastels, less is more; you shouldn’t try to combine several different colours in one space. Going with a neutral colour and a dash of pastel is a great idea, particularly if you choose a brighter accent piece of decoration. Pastel paint typically looks lighter in the tin than on the walls so make sure you prepare for this brightening when you make your selection.

With your paint chosen and decorations decided it is time to get started. If you want your walls to look their best you should considering hiring local decorators to do the job for you. Our skilled and talented decorators in Cambridge will save you the time of doing it yourself and you’ll get the assurance of a finish you can be proud of. We take every important factor into account to produce stunning results with every room we decorate.