If you have one or more small bedrooms in your home, you may be under the impression that white is probably the best way to go when choosing a wall colour. However, your bedroom is a personal space and it is important that you feel comfortable with the decor. White and cream shades can make a room feel more open, but if you love colour, there are many ways you can successfully incorporate it into a smaller room.

Rather than overwhelming a room, dark colours can actually help to camouflage its size. Red is great for small bedroom spaces as it reflects warmth and creates a sense of comfort. Blues and greens can also work great in a small space. Add window treatments, rugs and other furnishings in various shades of the main wall colour to give the room a more unified appearance. You can even paint the door and other interior features in slightly different shades to create a cool, comforting and stylish contrast.

There are some intensely deep colours such as taupe and charcoal that will expand the visual space by encouraging the corners to fade away from view. Additionally, using very high-gloss colours will highlight and reflect the light in the space. You can make the space appear larger still by applying a much deeper shade to one wall. Adding a single stripe or painting a stencil on one wall will create a focal point and draw attention from the size of the room.

If you do decide on neutral shades, there are a few ways to go. Soft shades of yellow, green and grey can lighten a small room, bringing more attention to the accessories and making the space appear larger. White can be striking, but it can make as small space seem cold. Go for whites with a touch of pink, blue or grey and complement them with accessories in a bold colour.

We are dynamic professional decorators located in Cambridge, and we can help you select the best possible colour schemes for smaller bedroom spaces. Whether you prefer lighter, neutral shades or darker and richer tones, we will ensure you are completely happy with the results. We provide a high quality domestic decorating service, value for money and we strive to produce outstanding results every time.