The number of students in the UK has risen dramatically in the last ten years, and the Government’s plan to get 50% of 17-30 year olds into further education indicates that there will be even more in the future. Cambridge currently has over 20,000 students and the numbers living in rental properties and HMOs have increased sharply. This is because the purpose-built student accommodation is no longer balanced with the rising student numbers, which has left a gap for landlords and property investors to fill.

Students are typically tolerant and undemanding tenants who want functional yet comfortable accommodation for their years of study. If you are considering letting your available properties to students, here are a few simple decor tips that will help you attract responsible young renters and ensure minimal maintenance.

The great thing about renting to students is that they do not generally expect state of the art facilities or any particular decorating style. In fact, the simpler you keep the decor the better. Students are happy with clean and neutral shades that give them a blank canvas. Decor is not of great concern to the majority of students, as they prefer to make a place their own with posters, pictures, pin boards and wall hangings.

The best way to decorate student accommodation is to imagine you are trying to sell your home. Ensure it is subjected to a fresh coat of paint throughout in order to make it fresh, bright and impersonal. This helps your tenants picture themselves living there. When you want your walls to provide a backdrop rather than a focal point, neutral colours are the best option. Minimal decor means minimal maintenance, which is ideal for busy students. When they move out of your property, you can simply apply a fresh coat and prepare your property for the next batch of tenants.

We include the University of Cambridge Accommodation Service among our clients and we regularly decorate the properties of the landlords that let their properties through them. Alternatively, if you are an independent landlord, we can provide a professional and affordable decorating service across the Cambridge area. We can paint the property throughout, hang wallpaper and even hand paint your kitchen and furniture if required. We will ensure each substrate is treated with the right paint and we will advise you on the best colours to use.