Every aspect of decorating, both interior and exterior, is conducted here at our specialised company. One thing we never lose sight of is protecting your property; this is why we don’t like to leave a mess when working on it. We take care to rid your house of the excess dust that is produced rather than simply using dust sheets. Regardless of what project we’re working on and its size, we will complete it and leave the area clean.

If you are wondering how decorators make their work look so easy, it’s actually not as simple as first appearances make it look. Don’t ever presume that our profession is an easy one; it’s actually quite challenging. This is especially true since every job’s differing specifications require us to adapt to the multiple situations that we encounter. Fortunately this can offer big opportunities to be creative.

We need the correct tools and equipment, in addition to confidence and experience if we hope to finish our job to the client’s expectations. As decorators, we always spend a considerable portion of our time preparing. In many cases this is more than is given to the actual main painting work. This is how all the best providers operate, as spending roughly 60-70% of every project on preparation makes it much easier for us to complete them with a superior finish. Preparing consists of scraping away old paint, filling cracks, tackling mould, and a number of other tasks as well. All of it must be done before the paint tin is even opened.

While it may not seem like a big deal to some, decorators must always use the best rollers, brushes and paints that are available. It can seem extravagant to spend a fair amount on a brush when a local tool shop sells them cheap. Cheaper models hold less paint though, meaning you’ll have to work twice as hard for a finish that won’t even be adequate.

At Prime Finish Cambridge we have complete faith in our decorators and ensure they have the right equipment and skills. Cheap just doesn’t cut it with us; we make it a point to regularly invest in the most recent in high quality equipment. For a company that is dedicated fully to their customers, we are the people to call.