Decorating rooms with wooden flooring takes a great deal of care, whether you are painting walls, hanging wallpaper or touching up the trim. It’s important to keep the floor covered with old sheets or blankets throughout the project. This helps to protect against spills and drips and will also reduce the risk of the surface getting scratched of scuffed by foot traffic, ladders and other accessories or tools you will be using. Make sure the covers are properly laid and kept flat to the floor so people don’t risk tripping on them.

The most challenging part of decorating when you have a wooden floor is painting the skirting boards. You’ll need to work slowly and carefully to ensure you don’t spill or drip any paint. A good tip is to put masking tape around the edge of the room under the skirting board. This will give you a little bit of extra protection and you can simply peel it off when you are done. When you do the painting make sure you use a smaller brush and only do thin coats.

If you do accidentally drip paint on the floor you should clean it up quickly before it can dry. Water and latex based paint is the easiest to clean up; you can usually do it with water and a wet cloth. Oil based paint is trickier and you’ll need to clean it up as quickly as possible, because once it dries you’ll have to use paint thinner which may damage the finish of the flooring.

A simple way to ensure your flooring is protected is to hire a professional painter and decorator to do the job for you. They will have the experience to deal with the surface and minimise the risk of spills, drips and other problems. Our team of painters in Cambridge will always deliver a first rate service that will have your room looking professionally finished in no time. We can cater for all kinds of properties and will do all we can to ensure your flooring, furnishings and other features are fully protected throughout the project.