Throughout the years, we have provided the people of Cambridge with the most professional services to cater for all of their decorating needs. During projects, we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible, leaving no dust or dirt behind when we are finished. With us, only the highest quality of work is accepted.

A new paint job can really work wonders on the exterior walls of your property, making it look tidier and brightening it up exponentially. Specialist exterior masonry paint is what every professional decorator uses and they come in a myriad of colours. This means you can choose the right one to match your tastes.

If you live in a semi-detached house and are planning to have painting done on the exterior, it’s worth discussing the plans with your neighbour. Keep in mind that you’ll only be doing your half of the property, this can leave it looking rather strange. A quick conversation with the neighbours and they might decide to have some painting done too.

Just like every decorating job, planning is crucial to the success of the project. Should a surface not undergo a decent amount of preparation, the paint won’t adhere and it may need doing all over again. Walls need to be dry and clean, and if any mould exists on them, a wire brush can be used to wash it off with a solution of water and bleach.

If the walls have been painted before, remove flaking paint with a wire brush or pressure washer. Use an exterior filler as well to repair any cracks present and be sure to move any climbing plants and trellises out of the way. Let the surface dry before painting too and if it’s powdery or flaky, first use a stabilising primer.

At Prime Finish Cambridge careful planning is put into place before we start any exterior painting projects. Our clients expect nothing but the best decorating services from us after all and that is exactly what we always provide them with. When your house gets to the stage where it’s in need of a new coat of paint, we are the company for you.