Although it’s always been a popular form of decoration, in recent years there has been a major revival in the use of wallpaper. There has been a huge increase in the selection of wallpaper, with many new styles, patterns and textures available, as well as many companies offering customers the chance to have their own design or photograph made into wallpaper in an easy and affordable way. Whether you love a traditional or contemporary look, there’s a style out there to suit your tastes and provide the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Custom wallpaper, photo wallpaper and wall murals have become increasingly popular mostly as a result of prices becoming more affordable and more people having access to high quality cameras which can take high resolution images. This is a brilliant option for people who want something absolutely unique for their homes, giving you the opportunity to display photos of loved ones, happy events, holidays or your own creative photography on a large scale.

Whatever kind of wallpaper you go for, you need a perfect, careful and professional touch when it comes to hanging. As experienced decorators in Cambridge, this is what we can bring to you. We have the talent, ability and experience to ensure that we get the work absolutely right for you. We will make sure that the walls are perfectly prepped, that all patterns and images are seamlessly aligned, and that you can enjoy a beautifully finished effect once your new mural or wallpaper is up.

Hanging wallpaper is one of the hardest aspects of decorating work, so it can be hard to achieve a flawless finish by yourself. At the moment you might be considering wallpaper for a room in your home, but feel that the challenge of hanging it correctly is stopping you. We will provide affordable, accessible and professional paper hanging services so you can enjoy the fantastic visual effect and luxurious feeling that wallpaper can bring to a room.