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Wallpaper is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many people when decorating their homes and businesses. Traditionally, people would wallpaper the whole room, but today many people choose to paper one wall in a big, bold pattern, creating a feature wall. Whatever option you choose, there are several things you need to do to get the best finish.

Firstly, you need to cover all of the furnishings to protect them, and then prepare the walls. All old wallpaper needs to be removed before the work can begin. The surfaces then need to be prepared, including filling cracks and sanding them down. If the walls are freshly plastered, they need to be primed. You should also paint skirting boards, door frames and other timber features first so you don't risk getting paint on the paper later.

For a smoother finish, you may want to consider using lining paper. This is put up before the wallpaper itself to hide imperfections in the walls and create a smoother finish. You'll need to allow this to dry before papering so any air bubbles can settle.

The first piece of paper you hang should always go in the centre of the main feature, especially when it is a chimney breast. From here you can work outwards to ensure you get even coverage. If the paper is plain you can start at one side of a window and go around the room to the furthest corner before going the other way. Make sure before you hang that first piece you draw a straight line down the wall as a guide.

When it comes to internal corners you should never try to make a single piece go around it. Cutting it into two pieces makes it easier to manage and also means you won't risk harming the finish. You must leave a slight overlap on the other wall and use the new line as a starting point for the next full piece. With external corners, you can do the same thing but remember to leave slightly more of an overlap.

Wallpapering should be done very carefully to ensure you get it right. If you want to make sure you get a perfect finish without any of the work or stress, you can always hire professional decorators to do it for you. We specialise in decorating in Cambridge and have a talented team ready to take care of all your decorating needs. You can rest assured that when we hang your wallpaper for you, we will always provide a smooth finish, a perfectly matched pattern, and leave a clean and tidy room behind us.

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Getting the perfect finish for your wallpaper