painting internal doors

painting the interior doorsThe internal doors in your home need to look great all of the time. Over time, the paint on these doors can actually start to look cracked, chipped and worn. This can take away from the overall value of your home, so it may be a good idea for you to look into repainting these internal doors. The good news is that it doesn't take too much effort to make them look great again. You just need to make sure that you are doing it right. After all, if you don't you could end up with doors that look worse than when you started.

Preparation is key

To get started, you will want to make sure that you leave the internal doors hanging up on the hinges. This will allow you to paint both sides of the door at the same time. You can usually get the locksets off in a few minutes, and this should be done before you get started. Some people prefer to mask them, but it may be a better option for you to just go ahead and take them out so that your internal doors look better as an end result.

The next thing that you need to do is seal the surfaces of your doors, because you don't want any moisture to get in and impact the door in the long run. After all, it can make it become warped. You can seal them with a sealant, but this is something that you generally only have to do with the new internal doors. If you are just repainting existing doors, they probably have already been sealed and you can skip over this step to save yourself some time and money. Just make sure that they have been sealed before continuing.

How to paint

First, we will take a look at how to paint flat internal doors. These are really the easiest to paint because you can use a brush, roller or pad to paint it. The surface - if flush - and you don't have to worry about crevices. If you are planning to put on more than one coat of paint, which is usually a must, then you will want to sand the internal doors between the coats just to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and looks great when you are finished. Then, you should continue to paint the door jamb and the casing, just to make sure that they match.

Final Steps

Finally, take a look at painting raised panel internal doors. This is the more difficult task. You have to paint it with a brush, and you have to make sure that you take the brush in the same direction as the wood grain. This is a time-consuming project, and you don't want to rush it if you want your internal doors to look great. It may be a good idea to start with the panels, and then go on to other parts of the door if you really want to get the best result.

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A Beginner’s Guide – Painting Internal Doors