Cutting In A CeilingThe vibrant dynamics of Cambridge see the frequent aspiration and need for decorating to carried out in both homes and businesses across the area. To meet the wishes and demanding expectations of decorating Cambridge residents want in place at their premises, we at Prime Finish offer the finest, best and most comprehensive services to not just meet but to exceed your dream designs. Within a relatively short number of years of being established in the area, we have proudly become the leading providers of decorating services to this historic region.

One of the great strengths we at Prime Finish have is that all our designers, decorators and staff are born and raised in Cambridgeshire. This means we are imbued with a strong sense of what Cambridge residents wish to see and experience through expression in the design and décor of their homes. We of course use sensitivity in blending this principal with the important nature of the ideals and aspirations you hold in respect of what you want to see expressed through our decorating services. Our strategic partnerships, in particular with ICI and Dulux, means that we can also obtain for you the best, lowest costing possible to meet your decorating ideas and requirements.

Whether your decorating wishes involve exterior or interior work, painting, paper hanging, wallpapering or any other form of artistic expression, we have the resources, the partnerships and the relationships in the field to ensure you are provided with not only the best, but most affordable level of service possible. The extensive range of testimonials and good reviews we have been fortunate enough to attract are to us flattering, but to you an assurance that we are the finest suppliers of decorating Cambridge home-owners can enlist to realise their dream designs.

Nothing short of perfections is acceptable to us when it comes to undertaking a decorating assignment. We make sure that all the correct and long-lasting preparation of surfaces is carried out, ensuring a long-lasting, permanent effect is created by our decoration work. When specialist tradesmen or artisans are needed to meet the more demanding elements of your design plans, we will ensure the best in their field are called upon.

For the safe, prestigious and most effective delivery of your dream designs, Prime Finish is the number one choice in Cambridge for your decoration and decorating services. Contact our team of dedicated, professional designers today to learn how we can be of benefit in bringing your ideas into reality.

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