Hallways serve an essential purpose in homes, connecting separate spaces and allowing people to make their way around without having to walk through each individual room. They tend to receive a much higher level of traffic than any other space and this is regularly reflected in a higher amount of wear and tear. You may find you need to touch up the decor in your hallway a little more often to keep the space looking fresh and appealing.

If you want to decorate a hallway as effectively as possible, it is important to consider the size of the space, the amount of light and the visual relationship with the rooms it connects with. This information will help you to make the most of the space and select the best wallpaper, paint, accessories and other elements.

Painting a hallway can help to transform its spatial feel. You can use colours to create a sense of space and height or to highlight architectural features. If you have a narrow hallway, a dark paint on the ceiling may make it look bigger, while light neutral colours on the walls can make it feel brighter and more spacious.

The amount of traffic in hallways means there is a higher likelihood of walls becoming damaged, scuffed, marked or chipped. If you want to reduce the wear and save yourself from needing to touch up the surfaces as frequently as possible, there is paint that is specially formulated for areas like this and will not be so vulnerable to damage.

When it comes to painting a hallway, there are some potential challenges to overcome. Typically, when you paint a room you want to keep it well ventilated so that the air can flow freely and help dry the walls. In hallways it can be difficult to achieve this because many of them will lack windows. You may need to leave doors into rooms open during the painting so the windows in them can be opened to allow air in.

As experienced decorators based in Cambridge, we know how tricky hallways can be, but have the experience to tackle the decorating with skill and precision. We provide professional services for clients across the city and deliver fantastic results every time. We can offer advice and tips to help you give the hallway the stunning finish it deserves.