Interior decorations can have a big impact on the mood of the people that inhabit a property. Neutral colours and earth tones are a good choice if you want to create a comfortable, relaxing setting. These are also shades that people appreciate because they blend with a much wider range of furnishings and accessories.

Bright colours are far more stimulating. This is why when people choose a bright colour they typically go with a feature wall rather than decorating the entire room. This allows them to incorporate a touch of colour without overstimulation and making it hard for people in the room to relax.

Soft yellows are also great as they symbolise happiness. This makes them particularly popular for porches, reception rooms and even kitchens. Darker colours and reds can create a dramatic effect, but you may wish to combine them with lighter colour for contrast and to add some brightness.

As well as the colours themselves the actual act of planning decorations and doing the job can improve your mood. Designing spaces is liberating and gives you the chance to exercise your creativity. It also shows that spaces are a work in progress and can be improved with care and planning. The decorating is refreshing too because you can see the new space take shape and your ideas come to life.

Once the job is finished you get to spend time in a new space that will help to improve your mood. On top of this is the added bonus of any praise you receive from guests for the design and decoration.

If you are planning on decorating and would rather entrust the project to an experienced professional you can put your faith in our team of decorators in Cambridge. We enjoy working with clients to discover their ideas and help to shape them, resulting in stunning designs that boost your mood and help you to feel happy in your home or workplace. Once you are happy with this we will do the decorating, ensuring everything is finished to a high standard.