For businesses on the high street that deal with customers face-to-face, one of the best marketing tools that you can possess is an attractive exterior. Customers want to enter a place that looks professional, inviting and clean so you need to make most of what you have. There are many ways to increase foot traffic to your business.

A memorable sign

Cambridge decoratorsSignage is a business owner’s best friend and can help with brand awareness. People generally go for brands that they’re aware of as if they’ve heard of the name; they’re more likely to trust it. Choose an attractive sign and you’ll start seeing a difference in no time.

Window displays

Displays are the perfect opportunity to show your best assets, so you need to make sure that they offer an invitation for passers-by and also well-designed. If you need help, look at other businesses in the area and see what drives their customers to enter their store and use that as your inspiration.

Highlight your best features

A lot of people who are visiting and don’t actually have a specific thing that they need to buy will need to see your best products first otherwise they may think that it isn’t the business for them and go elsewhere. Place the products that are most popular or excite customers the most at the front of your store. This way, visitors will be more interested in going further and seeing what else you have to offer.

Decorate your exterior walls

Brand reassurance is something that customers strive for, so keeping within a certain colour scheme that your business has is perfect. Also, using colours that are eye-catching can help with impulse buyers, who may even turn into your regulars. Our decorators in Cambridge can decorate both the exterior and interior of your premises and ensure that your premises look great.


Using plants and trees to your advantage can help bring in the customers. An abundance of flowers, especially colourful ones, will attract customers’ eyes. Keep them well-maintained and you’ll reap their rewards.

We can create the perfect atmosphere for any commercial business that will help you bring in customers, offering crucial advice along the way. We specialise in eye-catching and attention-grabbing designs, having a proven track record within the industry, so get in touch with us whenever you require professional and proactive decorators in Cambridge.

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