Throughout 2019 we at Prime Finish have noticed a definite movement towards an emphasis on the paler, more sedated of neutral colours when it comes to the work and style of decorating Cambridge homeowners are looking to have in place. In respect of walls, carpets and to an extent tile, many are embracing the accentuating and complementary abilities of white, ivory, light grey and, increasingly, taupe to provide the platform or the background for the remainder of their design ambitions and aspirations.

The movement in this direction is, of course, exciting for those in the world of décor, or just have a healthy interest and passion in the field, but it is not an entirely unexpected development. Over the course of the 21st Century thus far there has been a gentle and gradual change towards the more minimal – yet still striking and direct – form of expressionism people want in their home. Gone, one may say, are the days of bold, brash colours dominating and dictating the shape and feel of a room, with a pale, clean slate backdrop being desired for signs and senses of individuality being explored through the décor flowing freely against the complementary, supportive shades.

Whether you wish to attain and entertain this look in your home via painting or paper hanging, at Prime Finish we have the talent and the ability to bring the qualities offered by the appeal and popularity of neutral colours to you. We are both comfortable and confident in meeting whatever challenger your home or property might pose, with our long and extensive provision of decorating Cambridge homes and businesses providing us with the ability and you with the assurance that we are truly the primary people to deliver the look you want.

Our perfect professionalism comes from pure preparation. When you wish for the finest and best of interior or exterior décor to be in place, near enough is never close enough. We always work intently and purposefully with you to ensure we have an indelible, intrinsic awareness and understanding of both your needs and your expectations, and this we follow with the highest standard of work possible. We do so in a way that actively seeks to reduce and limit costs, but never in a manner that cuts any corner or lowers your levels of expectation.

Prime Finish Cambridge are always proud to deliver to you the perfectly planned work and appearance in décor design and realization. With the current trend for neutral colours being in place, it is with nothing short of passion and delight that we put in place this affect to accentuate the style and idiosyncrasies you wish to have reflected throughout your home.

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