Having experience in both interior and exterior decorating, Prime Finish Cambridge takes on jobs of varying sizes and cater for all manner of specific requirements. One common concern that people have when it comes to renovations is the mess. We understand their plight and so we aim to leave as little debris behind as possible. As opposed to dust sheets, we employ the use of special sanders connected to dust extractors; they prevent the dust from reaching your surfaces, keeping them nice and tidy.

Years of experience teaches you much about the art of decorating, one thing being that there are certain decisions that should be made before others. If you’ve already had a particular shade painted in the bedroom walls for example, you might find it difficult to find a sofa set that matches up with it.

What you should do instead of the above is invest in the furniture first and then choose a colour from its pattern. Numerous colours exist, but there will only be a few furnishings that will truly spark your unique tastes.

Do your best to not lose focus either; this is a problem often related to larger rooms. Before you rush on with the decorating we advise you walk around rooms with a member of our team. We will be able to help you decide on a central focal point in the process. It could be an over-sized window that overlooks your beautiful backyard or a simple centre wall.

At Prime Finish Cambridge, we provide advice and tips about decorating work as well as handling the project itself. People often have trouble making choices regarding the design of their home, but we can offer professional guidance if requested to do so. It is just one aspect of our service that helps us to deliver great results.

Whatever your needs you can have complete confidence in our team. We take on all manner of projects, from a simple single room re-decoration to improving a whole property.

Guidance on how to effectively decorate your home