Once seen as the most boring hue on the colour spectrum, grey has undergone a major image change and exploded in popularity over the past few years. With many new shades available, grey is now seen as one of the most stylish colours to use in interior design and decorating. Striking the perfect balance between black and white, grey walls can offer a beautiful and versatile backdrop for every room in the home.

Neutral colours are eternally popular, but if you want a change from the usual whites, beiges and creams, grey is a fantastic choice. It offers a neutral base that’s a little more edgy and modern than the usual colours, yet is still timelessly sophisticated. With so many different shades to choose from, you can select a grey to suit every mood and every setting. Grey can be soft or steely, feminine or masculine, relaxing or energising. From calm and peaceful dove grey to dramatic and moody charcoal, there’s a type to suit every taste and preference.

Many people are afraid of using grey as they feel it will make a room feel dark or heavy, but this is not the case. As it is so versatile, grey makes a brilliant backdrop to showcase your favourite furnishings and fabrics, and it looks particularly stunning when teamed with bright pops of fuchsia, turquoise or yellow. A grey room will look equally amazing when it’s filled with white or neutral furnishings and accessories, and layering different shades of grey can produce wonderfully intriguing effects. As an added bonus, grey walls make a great gallery space to display your favourite framed prints, photographs or artwork.

Of course, if you want to make the most of your new grey decor, it is vital that the decorating work is carried out to the highest standards. As specialists with domestic and commercial decorating in Cambridge, we will ensure that your walls are thoroughly prepared, completely smooth and beautifully lined before applying your chosen shade of grey. When we are taking care of the decorating, you can rest assured you will always be left with the elegant, sophisticated and flawless finish you want.