Furnishing our homes can be an expensive business. It’s possible to find some fantastic bargains at charity shops, car boot sales and online, but more often than not they are not exactly to our taste. However, with the rising popularity of crafting and upcycling, more and more of us are choosing to bring old furniture up to date with a makeover.

With our services, you can give old furnishings a brand new lease of life, whether it’s something you just picked up for a rock-bottom price or an old and tired-looking piece you’ve had around the house for many years. This isn’t only a great way to save money and reduce waste; it’s also an opportunity to enjoy having some completely unique pieces in your home that you can guarantee nobody else will have.

Prep work is always important when it comes to repainting furniture, and we know exactly how to get everything ready for a durable, long lasting and beautiful finish. With our years of experience, we’ve devised a complete routine that we have found gives superb results. We’ll fully sand down and prime the furniture, getting rid of the old layers of varnish and paint before applying the new finish. Our equipment catches the dust created by the sanding process, ensuring that you’re not left with a difficult clean-up job after we’ve finished.

We will always use only the best quality materials to ensure the item is resistant to knocks and scrapes, using protective coats to keep the colours vibrant and even. You’ll be left with a totally unique and distinctive piece that’s decorated to your exact taste and complements the rest of your decor perfectly.

Whether you just want to freshen up some furniture that’s looking a little tired, or want to completely transform its appearance, our Cambridge decorators are on hand to provide the service you need. Repainting a piece can make a surprisingly huge difference, so before you consider throwing away your old items and investing in new ones, give us a call instead.