Working in an unobtrusive and clean manner, our professionally trained decorators are here to offer the people of Cambridge the finest in decorating services. By using the latest in quality materials and preparing extensively for each job, we have never let a client down. So, if you want to work with a team that pays attention to detail and always puts in a 100% effort, you have found the right people.

Part of human nature is to be drawn to beautiful things, even if they’re not the right choice at the moment. The same theory relates to interior design as well. You can go through the shop and pick up practically every stunning piece you find, but as soon as you place them all together in a room they can become nothing more than a clutter without a purpose.

It’s for this reason that one should remember that form must follow function in interior designing. The last thing you want is to fall into the trap of creating spaces consisting of non-important items just because they are aesthetically pleasing. Instead, the goal should be to manufacture a space that’s equal parts appealing and efficient.

No logical way exists to design a space until you decide on what the space’s primary function shall be. Therefore, planning for purpose and people before you think about colour schemes is paramount. While it is good fun to decide which colours, patterns and textures to use you need to think about the usage first. Ask yourself if the room will be used for the children or large gatherings for example, as both require extremely different things in terms of colour scheme, lighting and the atmosphere.

At Prime Finish we always stay ahead of the competition by continuously researching new and effective strategies which we can implement into our decorating work. We make it a point to clarify what it is the property owner wants from us, so that we can come up with an appropriate plan of action for our work. Should you require the aid of our company, we will be there to help.