A new coat of paint is a good way to reinvigorate your home and give rooms a new lease of life. It is a relatively cost-effective job too, especially in comparison with wallpapering because paints are typically cheaper and there are fewer additional costs to worry about.

Before you get started, you should ensure that the walls are properly prepared. This includes using a primer and filling in any holes. You’ll need to get each wall nice and smooth so that the finish is perfect and free from imperfections. You should work slowly and get an even coating, taking care with edges around skirting boards, windows, doors and the ceiling.

As well as painting the walls you should also give the ceiling a fresh coat of paint too; this will complete the room and really help to brighten it up. Ceilings are a little trickier to work on than walls because the surfaces are horizontal and potentially difficult to reach. Even with a ladder you will struggle slightly and have to work in sections if you want to get the best finish.

When painting a ceiling it is wise to use a roller rather than a brush. This helps to give a more even coverage and reduces the risk of imperfections. When putting paint on the roller you should remove the access so it doesn’t result in drips and other problems. Before starting you should put plastic covers over furniture and the floor just in case you do drip anything.

When using rollers on the ceiling it is important not to use too much pressure as this will force more paint out and can ruin the finish. A great technique is to paint sections of the ceiling using V or W shaped motions without removing the brush from the surface. Once you have covered the whole thing you can go over the zigzags with straight lines using a long handled roller. The end result should be an evenly coated ceiling and a visually appealing finish.

You can paint ceilings yourself, but it is always beneficial to call on experienced painters to do the work for you. If it is a textured surface you can struggle to get the right finish with a brush or roller. A sprayer is much better but it’s likely you’ll need an expert to use it. With very high ceilings you may be best off hiring someone as well so you can avoid the potential hazards of having to work at height.

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