home refurbAs many of us have jobs, family commitments and other responsibilities to take care of, it can be hard to find the time to decorate and carry out DIY jobs around the home, leading to decorating projects which drag on for weeks or even months as we struggle to fit the work around our schedule. By using the services of our decorators in Cambridge instead, you can enjoy the benefits of a convenient and affordable service that allows you to focus on more important things while our team take care of your decorating for you.

Feature walls covered in patterned wallpaper are an extremely popular choice as they add drama and individuality to a room. However, a lot of people find difficulties when trying to hang their patterned paper. Edges need to be perfectly lined up so the pattern looks seamless, and this can require an experienced hand, otherwise, you could find that you make mistakes and end up wasting wallpaper. This is a particular problem when you have paid a lot of money for high-quality wallpaper. We can provide accurate and professional wallpaper hanging services to alleviate any stress and provide you with a flawless finish.

We stand out from other decorators in Cambridge as we do not only carry out the decorating itself, but also take the time to thoroughly prepare all surfaces before the work begins. All good decorators know that, to achieve a long lasting and durable finish, the walls need to be thoroughly prepared, so we don’t overlook any important details. Our team will sand and prime your walls and other surfaces to produce exceptional results. You never have to worry about your home being left in disarray or covered in dust when we are doing the work; we use innovative sanding equipment that releases virtually no dust due to the use of filters.

We can deliver all the help you need to make your house a home. From wallpapering to preparation to painting, we offer a wide variety of decorating services to suit all requirements. We take pride in everything we complete and will save you time, stress and money when it comes to transforming your home, freshening it up and giving it a brand new look.

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