Interior design says a lot about a person and that is why it is important to get it right. Here at Prime Finish we specialise in professional and beautifully finished home decorating in Cambridge and we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone can achieve the look they want with their interiors. Here are some of our tips for creating a unique and individual home that really reflects your personality.

Exterior house paintingIt’s important to think about the effect you want to create in a particular room. Do you want your room to be a calm, restful and peaceful oasis where you can simply relax after a long day? Neutral colours, soft fabrics and natural materials like wood will create this effect. if you’re looking to make a room a little more vibrant, then patterned wallpaper and brighter colours will inject excitement and make you feel inspired every time you’re there.

Another important thing to consider is the lighting. Wall lights, spotlights and lamps give you control over the amount of lighting you have in a room so you can have bright lighting for reading, working and doing other activities, and softer lighting for a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

Feature walls are a great way to create a real visual impact in a room. For instance, if you paint all but one wall and paper it with a contrasting, bold pattern, it makes a room totally pop. This has been a popular option for a while now and makes a fantastic backdrop for a sofa or bed.

If your house has period details, think about how you could incorporate them into your interior design rather than removing them altogether. If you prefer a contemporary look, why not consider painting the mouldings, walls, doors and architraves all the same colour? This will incorporate the period features into your modern room without having to remove them, creating a really unique and special look.

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