If you operate from an office, then your commercial space is the face of your business. It is likely the location of your initial meetings and the first opportunity to attract and impress new clients. We know that you want to create a productive and positive atmosphere for the benefit of your clients and employees, so we offer a comprehensive commercial decorating service at an affordable price, always delivering outstanding results.

Offices are about much more than the positioning of chairs and desks; decor can have a significant impact on any space, and a well designed and decorated office can inspire the people that work and visit there. When potential staff and clients see that you have put real thought and effort into creating a professional space, they will be instantly impressed and more inclined to trust you and your business.

A clean and freshly painted entrance will make people feel welcome as soon as they arrive. Colours do not have to be avoided when painting office interiors. Neutrals undoubtedly look fantastic in offices, but they can also be combined with contemporary elements. By using colourful accents you can add vibrancy to a scene. It is a good idea to choose colours that reflect your brand or the nature of your business for a cohesive and professional look.

Our Cambridge painters can assist all high street retail establishments, property developers and office based businesses in the area with our high end decorating service. We are a flexible company and we can provide an out of hours service if required, so you don’t have to worry about disruption to the working day while the decorating is going on. We use only the finest materials and we will help you choose the right colour scheme for your workspace, leaving you with flawless results.

Our decorators are creative, skilled and able to offer the highest quality workmanship. As members of the Dulux Select Decorators Scheme, we can be relied on to carry out impeccable work and adhere to professional standards. Whether you are decorating a new office or brightening up an existing space, our Cambridge decorators can help you create a visually impressive professional environment.

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