Decorating your work office

declutter your deskYour work office is really a home from home and you will spend the majority of your working life sitting at your desk.  How can we best decorate our offices to help give it a personalised feel, keep us inspired but at the same time keeping it professional, especially if you meet your clients or customers face to face in your working space.

Natural Lighting

First off we need to consider the lighting in the office, do you have windows?  If so so the first step is to make the most out of any available natural light by keeping window coverings to a minimum.
Most likely you will need a form of artificial light especially in the gloomy winter months,  so go for a high-quality indirect lighting like lamps or wall up-lights, avoid bright generic fluorescence glare lighting. The overall feel wants to be light and warm, most importantly you need to be able to see clearly in every area of the office.

Colour Scheme

You may be tempted to use the colour scheme to reflect your personality but you must remember that this is a workspace and needs to look professional. Whites and light neutrals or pastels can make your office space feel much larger and airier. Of course, you can use bolder colours sporadically placed around the office such as pillows on the office sofa, a tasteful rug. wall art is a very useful way of brightening a wall, just make sure it is suited to a work environment and it is something you like, as you’ll be seeing it every day. 

Also, try to consider your brand colours as much as possible so that your space reflects and upholds your branding in a consistent Style. 

Comfortable furniture

You will be spending at least 8 hours a day in your office so it is essential that you invest in some comfortable furniture. An office sofa is a good investment if you have space and will be seeing clients face-to-face on a regular basis. It also promotes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You need to make sure it is comfortable but not too soft so people won’t have to struggle to get up once they have sat down. 

Your office chair is probably one of the most important bits of equipment in your office, so it is worth paying extra for a more premium option that offers comfortable yet suitable support for your posture.

You may want to minimise the time you spend sitting down and find it more useful to move around and be on your feet, if so consider purchasing adjustable desk, so you have the option of sitting at your desk for part of the day and raising the desk so you can comfortably work at your computer whilst standing. 


Consider introducing some plants to your office space,   there have been numerous studies regarding the benefits of having plants in a workspace such as reduced absenteeism,  minor illnesses and the stress-reduction benefits. Having plants dotted around will create a warm welcoming place will staff and clients.  if you believe in superstitions then it is said that some plants are lucky, so choose palms, lucky bamboo or a jade plant.

There are an untold amounts of desk accessories that you could purchase for your desk,  what is really personal preference. The bare minimum would be to keep this organised such as a pen tidy, an intray,  and a notepad. anything above and beyond this is up to you you make sure you keep the clutter to a minimum and avoid any political or potentially offensive ideals out of the office area. 

Decorating your work office