Arguably the most challenging room to decorate in the whole home is a child’s bedroom. As the child grows the decorations typically need to be changed several times. Most people choose to decorate to reflect the interests of their child and the things that are trendy at the moment, providing a space that they will really enjoy being in. Sadly this does result in the need to redecorate periodically when they outgrow it.

Decorating a child’s bedroom so they won’t quickly outgrow it and leave you with the challenge and expense of redecorating can be tough. Fortunately we have a few tips to share with you to help you achieve it.

One of the first things you should do is choose a colour palette rather than sticking with a dominate shade. By selecting a neutral colour and then adding to it with different shades you can create a space that really works. Between two and four additional shades will look perfect. You can then change these if the child’s taste changes or trends do.

A good thing to keep in mind is that a child is likely to change their favourite colour several times. By choosing a palette you save yourself from having to repaint the whole room each time this happens, reducing the job and the cost too. Changing the colourful touches that add depth will be easier and much quicker to do.

An important thing to be wary of is investing too much in specific characters from TV or movies as well as sports teams and similar decorations. Your child may love these things in one moment and want the wallpaper, curtains and every other type of product on offer. When their interests change though, you can face a much bigger redecorating challenge. It is better to avoid decorating a whole room in a specific theme; instead you can add to the colour palette with toys and smaller pieces that are easier to remove and replace.

At Prime Finish Cambridge we have a lot of experience with decorating children’s bedrooms. We can provide a complete service, including offering advice and handling the project. With us you can expect a professionalism at all times, great value for money and, most importantly, a fantastic finish.