In every kind of property, whether it is a home, a restaurant, an office, or a salon, it is important to get the decorating absolutely perfect. You want it to reflect the owner and ensure that every inhabitant is comfortable and happy. Luckily there are many different ways you can decorate to achieve all of these things.

One of the greatest ways to make a space more interesting and attractive is to use patterns, whether they appear on wallpaper, upholstery, or even artwork. A pattern can add a great deal to a space including enhancing the feeling of space, movement and simply adding extra combinations of colours.

When you decorate with patterns you need to be very careful to ensure they make the right impact. The last thing you want to do is choose ones that won’t work in the space or will create conflict. This is true regardless of the type of space they are placed in.

A good tip for using patterns is to keep in mind what kind of mood you want to create. The ones you use should reflect this and create the setting you desire. You can choose a pattern to make the space feel fun and cheery, opt for one which is peaceful or relaxing, or achieve any other requirement.

Using patterned wallpaper creates an additional challenge in that you need to ensure continuity. This means pieces have to be cut and positioned with great care or the whole image can be spoiled. Fortunately with planning, preparation, and taking enough time the project can be accomplished successfully.

At Prime Finish Cambridge we have a lot of experience in the decorating field. We have provided professional services to clients throughout the area for many years, taking on domestic and commercial projects alike. We have helped clients utilise all manner of patterns in their properties, creating settings that satisfy their criteria.

If you would like information and decorating tips, or want to organise a professional service please contact us. We are happy to offer each of those and strive to ensure every client is happy.

Decorating effectively with patterns