Decorating a small bathroom

how to decorate a small bathroomIf you have a small bathroom or a shower stall with hardly any room to move which is making your morning routine harder than it needs to be, don’t fret, you won’t have to move home, just follow these simple ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger and be more useful with these handy storage solutions.

Best colour scheme

One of the quickest ways to give that tiny room a spacious feel is to use the right colour scheme. The best colour to go for is white, you will find that most bathroom fittings will be white anyway from the bath to the sink, and toilet. But consider having white flooring and tiles. You may worry that lots of white will mean there will be no character to the room but you can dress the room with various accessories strategically placed around. 

The reason we suggest white is it reflects the light and white finishes can make the small space look much bigger, also a clean white room looks much more modern and luxurious. 

Choosing Tiles

If you are trying to create a more spacious illusion,  then what size tile you choose can make a big difference. There is no specific rule of thumb and you have to weigh up the pros and cons to using large tiles or small tiles. If you use large tiles it has been said by some interior designers that this can make a room look smaller,  on the other hand, if you were to choose a small tile you would have many more grout lines which could make the room look smaller.

So whatever you decide to do we recommend using the same colour grout as the tile to help the grout lines blend in and make sure the tile has rectified edges. This also so will hide the lines and creates the effect of a solid bigger wall.

Space Savers

If you have a really small bathroom which has a bathtub rammed in, you could possibly consider removing the bath and installing a walk-in shower. This would save a lot of room then open up space. So depending on whether or not you enjoy a long soak in the tub,  if not then this could be an option for you.

  • Changing your sink to a corner sink is also a good option,  and it will free up space and open it out enabling more room to walk about.
  • Add a vanity unit under your sink, make sure you try to find one that has plenty of space and shelving in order to store all of your essentials and maximize available space.
  • Change your standard mirror for a recessed medicine cabinet,  which means you get an extra bit of room to store those everyday essentials.
  • Shelving is a great option of adding additional storage room,  you can place a shelf anywhere even in areas that you hadn’t considered, for example, that empty space above the door could easily be the home for a new shelf and some additional space your bits and bobs.
  • Invest in an over the door towel rack,  why waste valuable wall real estate when you’re already limited when a simple door rack can be used to hang towels and your dressing gown.

We specialise in all types of decorating and offer a free no-obligation quote,  so if you’re looking to maximize the space you have available in your bathroom and I’m not really sure where to start, give us a call today and we can come to measure up and share some ideas and what can be done. 

Decorating a small bathroom