Decorating A nursery

How to decorate your baby's new nursery

decorating tipsSo you're planning on decorating your baby's nursery but not sure where to start,  here are a few simple tips to get you on the right track to provide a not only a room feels great but is also practical and functional for you and your new baby.




Initial colour scheme

choose soft  tranquil  colours, think of  calming nurturing colours,  consider what makes you feel relaxed as this will be important when your newborn baby is crying in the night and you're feeling completely stressed out When you relax baby will be relaxed

Blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are essential to provide a nice dark environment for your baby's new daytime naps, not only do they block out the lights but they can also reduce the noise that comes in throughout the day.

Keep it simple

With the large choice of furniture design for babies nurseries, it is easy to get carried away and filled the room with tons of different furniture try to remember the only put in in the essentials.  a crib changing station some storage and if there is room a nice comfy chair, especially if you have a smaller room if it is crammed full furniture this could cause accidents when it's late at night and you're half asleep.

Wall Decorations

There's a large choice of wall art that you can buy online these can be stickers or children's characters or simple nature scenes you can buy these easily in most decorating stores.   our top tip is to get washable and removable wall stickers.


When positioning the furniture inside the room try to think where the cops will be placed. you need to create a safe zone around the cot making sure that is a way for Windows heaters lamps decorations and chords what I consider in a few years time when they'll be able to stand up in the crib and possibly climb out.


Overall the most important parts of designing your baby's room are the keep it practical. the most important part is to make sure it is easy to use safe with a baby and everything is easily accessible.

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Decorating A Nursery