It’s a widely accepted concept that the appearance of a commercial space does have a measurable effect on both customers and staff. The most successful companies know that the right decor helps to bring success, inspiring their customers to purchase their products and even helping to boost staff morale.

Whilst we are very well known for presenting the very best domestic decorating in Cambridge homes, we are also proud of our work in the world of commercial decoration. We have a well defined understanding of the principles of interior decor, and we know how the appearance of a business can have a big effect on both staff and customers. We work to create the perfect balance of colour in your business, representing your corporate image at its best while ensuring the premises look appealing and inspire confidence.

In any kind of design, colours are not simply chosen at random. For example, flags feature very specific colours for a reason. Usually, the presence of green on a flag is intended to illustrate that the nation has a significant agricultural foundation. Blue tends to be used to emphasise that the country is free, whereas red indicates that the country has established this freedom via revolution. Yellow or gold is often used to indicate that the nation is rich in mineral wealth. A very similar approach is used by businesses when they create their corporate image via the design of logo and the colour scheme used. We embrace the importance and significance of your choice in all our decorating work to ensure excellent results.

Your company’s interior decor should inspire productivity and focus in your staff, as well as confidence and comfort in your clients and customers. We are proud to offer a proven, world class level of service in our commercial decorating in Cambridge, so get in touch and find out how we can help to boost your business with our services.