Having provided services to Cambridge for many years, our company has constantly risen through the ranks to become one of the most well respected decorators in the area. Home decoration is a noted speciality of ours and we are fully equipped to transform your home into one that truly reflects you.

Decorating gives you the chance to ensure your home is a reflection of your personality, mentality and fashion tastes, in addition to being a good way to showcase your lifestyle. If you think about it, home decoration and choosing an outfit have a number of parallels as you are looking for the perfect colour and design that just screams “you”. In order to effectively decorate your home, you will of course need a sense of direction.

The right colour is essential to making this work as each one has its own meaning and elegance. Colours are known to have the ability to affect your mood. There are a group of them known as psychological primary colours that each represents their own characteristics. Red is a very physical colour associated with strength and is effective at grabbing our attention first, hence its use on traffic lights. Blue represents intellect with strong blues stimulating clear thoughts and lighter shades calm the mind and aid in concentration. Yellow is all to do with emotion, lifting our spirits and promoting self-esteem; it is the confidence colour. Finally, green is the shade of balance and gives the impression that everything is in harmony.

At Prime Finish we are capable of taking on any challenging task and keeping disruption levels at a minimum throughout the project. In addition, we utilise dust sheets and dust free sanding technology to keep your house in pristine order. When it comes to selecting decorators you won’t find a team more committed to quality, value for money, and making your ideas come to life than us.