We all want to personalise our spaces and make them our own, and our decorators in Cambridge can help you to do so. By choosing the right colours, patterns and textures, you can improve your mood and the functionality of the room too.


When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are so many different options to choose from. You want to make sure that the room is calming and relaxing, while putting your own personal stamp on the style.


You should always start your decorating project by choosing the colours. Bright and eye-catching colours may not be the most suitable choices for bedrooms. It is always important to remember the bedroom is designed for sleep and relaxation; having bright colours on the walls may make you feel more stimulated and can actually prevent you from getting the rest you need. Instead, think about choosing muted shades or deep, rich colours which will help you to calm your mind and relax, ready for a good night’s rest.


If you decide to use wallpaper in your bedroom, you need to follow a similar line in terms of the pattern you go for. Choosing bright, vibrant and complex patterns may seem like a good idea in terms of aesthetics but will they help you to relax and drift off to sleep? If you do want to make a dramatic statement in your bedroom, you could apply wallpaper to one feature wall that won’t be in your line of sight when you try to sleep.


Once you decide on the best decoration you need to ensure the project is executed to the highest possible standard. Our decorators in Cambridge can transform your bedroom into a peaceful, relaxing oasis, saving you time, effort and stress and ensuring a stunning finish on every aspect of the room, from the paintwork to the wallpaper application.


Choosing relaxing, unique bedroom decor