Painting offers so many opportunities to be creative in your home decor. One thing to be careful about when you choose paint is that the shade on the tin and colour chart will not necessarily be exactly the same as the one you end up with once it is on the walls. The colour can change slightly depending on the material you are painting over and the other items in the room. If you have brightly coloured carpeting, upholstery or furnishings, the colour can look darker by contrast. On the other hand, darker accessories will make the shades seem lighter.

Gloss paints tend to look lighter than matt paints because of the sheen, which reflects light. Satin finish paint has a lower lustre than gloss but is still usually brighter than matt. It’s important to take this into account if you don’t want to be surprised that the colour is a little different to what you expected once it is on the walls.

When selecting paint it is always best to do a spot test first to see how it will actually look on the walls. This is better than comparing swatches as it will show you the shade of the paint once it is dried on the wall. You can paint different test pieces side by side to see which you prefer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ceilings will look brighter than walls, even if you use exactly the same paint. You need to account for this and may need to choose a paint that is a few shades lighter if you want to get a better match.

If you are unsure about what paint to choose we would be happy to help you. We have a talented team of experienced painters in Cambridge and offer services for all kinds of clients. If required, we can carry out a full painting service to ensure a stunning finish on your walls, ceilings and any other areas you wish to be painted. When you come to us you can be assured of a high quality finish whether it is a large or small space you want painting.