Installing a new fitted kitchen in your property allows you to create a layout that works perfectly for you. A new kitchen transforms the entire space and gives your property a fantastic makeover, as well as increasing its overall value.

Once you have chosen your new kitchen, you need to think about decor and colour scheme. Earthier colours and neutrals are a popular choice for kitchens as they reflect light, creating a cheery ambiance and coordinating with cabinets. Neutrals provide the perfect starting point when painting your kitchen. Rooms can also be warmed up with red, yellow and orange and cooled down with greens, violets and blues.

Shades of yellows have always been popular amongst designers and homeowners. They are bright, friendly and distinctive and they complement most types of wood species kitchen cabinets. White can give kitchens a cool modernity and provide the perfect neutral canvas for interesting cabinets and colourful appliances and fixtures.

If you want to give your kitchen a bold and dramatic vibe, you may want to think about red. This vivacious colour can contrast perfectly with cool and contemporary white cabinets and offer your kitchen some real spark. Additionally, if your kitchen has a lot of dark colours, the use of red can brighten up the entire space.

Blues were mainly associated with bathrooms for a very long time, but in recent years it has found its way into many kitchens too. Blues can give a kitchen an instant vintage feel and help add a touch of retro style.

If you need inspiration for kitchen colours we can offer you all the advice you need. As leading decorators in Cambridge, we offer a fresh and dynamic service and we carry out interior and exterior decorating in domestic and commercial properties. We can complete any task no matter how big or small and our customers can rely on our full preparation methods, quality decorating services and value for money.