Guidance on how to effectively decorate your home

Having experience in both interior and exterior decorating, Prime Finish Cambridge takes on jobs of varying sizes and cater for all manner of specific requirements. One common concern that people have when it comes to renovations is the mess. We understand their plight and so we aim to leave as little debris behind as possible. As opposed to dust sheets, we employ the use of special sanders connected to dust extractors; they prevent the dust from reaching your surfaces, keeping them nice and tidy. Continue reading

The secrets to completing a decorating project to an excellent degree

Every aspect of decorating, both interior and exterior, is conducted here at our specialised company. One thing we never lose sight of is protecting your property; this is why we don’t like to leave a mess when working on it. We take care to rid your house of the excess dust that is produced rather than simply using dust sheets. Regardless of what project we’re working on and its size, we will complete it and leave the area clean. Continue reading

Form following function for interior design

Working in an unobtrusive and clean manner, our professionally trained decorators are here to offer the people of Cambridge the finest in decorating services. By using the latest in quality materials and preparing extensively for each job, we have never let a client down. So, if you want to work with a team that pays attention to detail and always puts in a 100% effort, you have found the right people. Continue reading

Successfully plan for decorating your child’s room

Just like our name says, we aim to ensure an incredible finish when undertaking decorating duties. Being able to cater for both interior and exterior work, we have a wealth of experience in our industry relating to the finest techniques. If you require Prime Finish Cambridge to take on either a small or large job, rest assured that our decorators can accomplish it to the highest standards. Continue reading

A decorating service for the most challenging room

Arguably the most challenging room to decorate in the whole home is a child’s bedroom. As the child grows the decorations typically need to be changed several times. Most people choose to decorate to reflect the interests of their child and the things that are trendy at the moment, providing a space that they will really enjoy being in. Sadly this does result in the need to redecorate periodically when they outgrow it. Continue reading

Is wallpaper appropriate for my bathroom?

The possibilities when it comes to decorating your home are practically endless. You want to make sure the process is carried out correctly and efficiently and so a professional service is the best option. At Prime Finish Cambridge we have an experienced team with the skills necessary to turn your property into the one that stands out from the crowd. You can always rely on us for your decorating needs. Continue reading

The timeless art of painting and its influences

The art of painting and decorating homes is ancient and the appeal remains strong to this day. The practice gives people an opportunity to personalise their living spaces to ensure they meet their needs. At Prime Finish Cambridge we don’t take this fact lightly; we are dedicated to providing the perfect services for our clients. Large or small scale, no job is too tough for our team of decorators. Continue reading

Open the doors to design

One of the keys to successful decorating and design is to consider each and every detail and make sure every part of a room is accounted for and decorated in a way that complements all the other elements. However, this is not always easy to do, and many of us forget certain details when redecorating our homes. For example, most of us will do all we can to ensure the exteriors and interiors of our homes and businesses look their very best, but will then neglect to think about the appearance of our doors. Continue reading

Create the right impression with your business premises

The exteriors of commercial premises tell people a lot about businesses and can prove to be either a major advantage or a huge hindrance. A beautifully presented property that looks well cared for will attract attention for the right reasons. On the other hand, a shabbily-decorated building that looks outdated can send prospective customers elsewhere. It is important to keep this in mind and ensure the property creates a desirable impression for your business. Continue reading

Inspiring comfort and relaxtion in the bedroom

Our bedrooms hold a unique place in our homes. They are probably the room where we spend the most time, yet arguably see the least of it as we tend to spend most of that time sleeping. For this reason, many people put less effort and attention into the decor of their bedrooms as they do into their living rooms or kitchens, and they can end up feeling neglected. However, if your bedroom is looking a little dull and tired, you may find that giving it a makeover can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your home. Continue reading