At Prime Finish Cambridge our team of decorators has a huge amount of experience working with interior and exterior environments. Regardless of the size of the job, no task is too much of a challenge for us and we can provide first rate workmanship every time.

If you find yourself unable to sleep well you may discover that solving the problem is as simple as making a few decorating adjustments to your bedroom. The room is the first and last thing you see each day, so changing the sleep environment may help you rest easier.

Colours on the cooler side such as grey, blue and green can aid in calming your mind and relieving stress. Many people opt for pale shades of these, but in recent years the trend has shifted focus more towards darker colours. The engaging shades like red and orange are more likely to keep you alert and so should be avoided.

Blocking out as much light as possible is another excellent step that can be taken, whether it is the streetlights of the evening or that of the morning sun. Blackout curtains or an added liner to existing shades can tick the right boxes when it comes to blocking out light. As an additional bonus both offer insulation abilities so you can keep rooms more pleasant.

It can also feel difficult to sleep if your room is cluttered. It is possible that the clutter can detract attention away from the relaxing designs that you have implemented too. Many people feel more at peace when clothes and shoes are picked up and everywhere is clear of distractions.

At Prime Finish we can provide a number of services to you, including painting and paper hanging. We extensively prepare for each of our jobs to ensure that only the finest quality of work is produced and that our customers are totally satisfied at the end. If you are planning on reinvigorating your bedroom’s decorations we would be happy to be involved. With help from our decorators you can enjoy a space that will help you to relax.