One of the most frustrating things to see when you paint a surface is brush strokes. They can quickly mar the finish and make it seem unprofessional and messy. To avoid the problem you first need to know what causes it.

There are a number of factors that can lead to visible brush strokes. The most common are using paint that is too thick, a poor quality brush or one with bristles that are the wrong size, insufficient surface preparation, and the painting technique itself. Any of these or a combination of them can leave you with a disappointing finish.

To tackle the problem you need to correct the things you are doing wrong. Firstly the surface needs to be prepared carefully to ensure it is ready to paint. If it has been painted previously and there is brush strokes you need to remove them or they will be visible when you do a new coat, regardless of how careful you are. To get rid of them you need to sand the wall, ensuring it is smooth.

Once sanded you should wipe the surface down to remove any dust that has adhered to it. This is important as it will ruin the finish if not removed. It is recommended you use a dry scrub brush as it will help with paint adherence when you finally get the fresh coat on the surface.

Next, you need to ensure you choose the right kind of paint and the correct brush for the job. This combination needs to be spot on to give you the best chance of a quality finish. China bristle brushes are best when working with oil paint. A polyester bristled brush will work better with latex paints.

When you think about the length of the bristles you should keep in mind that this will be reflected in the brush stroke. For example, a short-bristled brush will have shorter strokes. As a result, you need to do more of them to paint a surface. This can result in more visible ones, particularly where they overlap.

At Prime Finish Cambridge our team of decorators has the skills to work with a wide array of different paints and can decorate both interior and exteriors. They are highly professional and will produce a wonderful finish with minimally visible brush strokes. You can expect the best from us on every single project.