Priming and preparation are extremely important when it comes to achieving a flawless result in decorating. Many decorators use universal primers which are designed for being applied to any surface before painting begins. However, we always insist on using a paint and surface specific primer.

We know that our valued clients hire us because they want the best results, and this is exactly what we deliver. Using a mixture of traditional approaches and modern products and materials, we ensure that all priming is carried out to the very best of our ability, without cutting any corners. For this reason, it is important for us to use a primer which has been designed for both the specific surface and the type of paint being used, as this offers a much better result than universal primers.

Many products such as MDF are sold under the promise of being pre-primed, but more often than not we will also apply a coat to these surfaces. If we have applied the primer, then we can be absolutely certain that it is the most suitable one for the type of paint being applied. As convenient as it sounds to buy pre-primed materials, there is no way of determining just how long ago the primer was put on. As versatile as new forms of primer are, none have a limitless lifespan. Rather than assuming the pre-prime treatment will be OK, we make certain by re-priming it whenever possible.

Our team of decorators in Cambridge take great pride in every task, paying attention to every detail to deliver stunning results. This is why we insist on carrying out a thorough and professional job from start to finish. We have developed our approaches and technique to give our clients the best results, and we will continue to do so.