When we step into a room, we instantly have a response and get a certain feeling from it. In order to create the feeling and atmosphere you want in your home or business premises, it is important to understand how the decor will affect the way you perceive the space.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the room will appeal to the senses in terms of colours, patterns, textures and scents; you can be creative and play with these elements to create the impression you want, whether that is a professional and businesslike atmosphere with streamlined surfaces and bright, efficient lighting, a cosy and relaxing retreat with soft lighting and luxurious fabrics, or anything in between.

Alongside these qualities, people will have assumptions about a space before they enter it based on their past experiences and what they will be expecting to find in the room. You can choose design elements that will meet their assumptions and provide comfort, or offer something completely different that will engage and stimulate them.

People also experience a room based on spatial harmony. If the layout of the room is obstructive or awkward, people will not be at their most efficient, productive or comfortable. The most important thing is to ensure the furnishings are a suitable size for the dimensions of the room and are positioned appropriately, making for a room which neither feels too empty nor too cluttered.

Choosing the decor of a room begins with the walls, ceilings and floors, as these create the backdrop for the other items in the room and will play a very large role in how the space is perceived. Wallpaper can add patterns and texture, and different paint colours can create the effect and atmosphere you want, whether that is bright and vibrant, mellow and relaxing or neutral and stylish.

At Prime Finish Cambridge we offer flexible decorating services in Cambridge, working for both domestic and commercial property owners throughout our local area. We have extensive experience in all aspects of decorating, and will do all we can to ensure rooms are finished to the highest standard. If you would like advice about creating a specific feeling or atmosphere for a space please contact us and we will be happy to share our knowledge.