The walls in your home are crucial from a structural point of view, but are also integral to your decor. You should view each wall as a large canvas that you can use to make your mark on the space. One of the biggest factors to consider when you come to decorating walls is the texture.

There are a wide range of different materials you can consider to add texture to a wall, whether it is wallpaper, tile, timber or fabric. Textures help to add depth to decorations and can give each room a unique feel. For example, light and soft textures can create a romantic feel, whereas thicker fabrics promote snugness and comfort.

The ability to choose the textures you want means you can put more of your personality into the design. Smooth, flat walls are fine but when you add a texture you give the space a 3D look and can create a much more luxurious finish. The textures will also react differently to light, creating elegant, attractive effects.

Textured walls are increasing in popularity and have given rise to all kinds of new products. There is even wallpaper available now that is designed to look and feel like fur or crocodile scales, among various other distinctive finishes.

One thing to be careful of is using too many different textures in a single space. You should choose the texture for each room carefully and let it speak for itself rather than introducing too many different elements. You can use a number of textures if they are complementary, but steer clear of conflicting ones.

If you are considering decorating and want to introduce more texture to spaces you can get advice from our team of decorators in Cambridge. We are a locally based company with a great passion for decoration. We can help clients to create stunning designs and complete the project to a very high standard, leaving the space looking beautiful and professionally presented.